Health Coach or Facilitator

As a coach with experience in fertility, family building and/or reproductive health; you will be facilitating group sessions with our clients to build a supportive diverse community for men and women.

We are looking for someone to lead group sessions in an emotional wellness program. We focus on clients that are navigating fertility, family building, pregnancy and postpartum. We will provide all training materials to the candidate. We provide health education and supportive services. We do not provide medical advice. The program includes maximum of 10 participants who want to improve their emotional wellness. Participants will go through a 10-12-week program and will be matched based on the stage they are on their parenting journey. All the content is already developed. This is a part time position.

Job description: 

  • Review content prior to the session
  • Scheduling of weekly sessions
  • Meeting with each group for up to 1 hour for 10-12 weeks
  • Delivery of content effectively
  • Creation of a non-judgmental environment
  • Build group cohesion and trust amongst members
  • Engagement of diverse and inclusive parenting paths
  • Be open, friendly, extraverted, enthusiastic
  • Previous experience in peer support groups/group leading sessions is a plus but not required
  • Track progress of client’s goals


Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related field. We prefer candidates with 2+ years of coaching or therapy experience.

Previous experience in fertility, family building (adoption, IVF, egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy), pregnancy and postpartum.

Minimum commitment of 4 hours monthly.

The candidate will have to go through 4 weeks of training to prepare for this position. There is a stipend for successfully finishing the training program.

To apply please send your CV and resume to